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VA Parking Lots

September 14, 2019
Many of you wrote to BHA about the reinstatement of paid parking in the lots next to the Post Office. BHA communicated your concerns to the Brentwood Village businesses as well as the operator of the lot and the VA. After several meetings and proposals, the following rates will apply...(For more, click "VA Parking Lots")

School Traffic

September 07, 2019
Traffic matters to you, so traffic matters to us. While we can't divert all traffic away from our streets, we can make strides in limiting increases and in some cases winning reductions. For more, click School Traffic above.

New Voting Procedures

August 23, 2019
Next March, Los Angeles will be making a number of improvements to our voting system that makes it straightforward and more convenient to vote. You will be able to vote at any one of many new polling centers across the County, including some of your traditional polling places. For more info, click on headline.