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Three Organizations Challenge City Approval of MSMU Wellness Pavilion

On Monday, May 16, Brentwood Homeowners Association filed suit against the city of Los Angeles and Mount Saint Mary’s University, challenging the City Council’s approvals last month for new development and new special event uses at MSMU’s Chalon campus. We sued, among other things, over adverse fire hazard and evacuation impacts, failure to limit enrollment growth, commercial uses of campus facilities, length of construction phase, and worsened traffic on our hillside roads and Sunset Boulevard. BHA is by no means opposed to the construction of a new gym for the use and enjoyment of the students registered at the Chalon campus; however, the Brentwood community’s legitimate needs for enforceable, good-faith limits on unregulated growth and runaway campus uses -- required of other private universities and schools in our community, other Los Angeles communities and many other cities -- should not have been disregarded.

The decision to file this lawsuit was made after careful consideration of the merits of the case as well as feedback from our members (an overwhelming majority who completed the survey supported legal action). In addition to BHA, two other organizations filed petitions with the Superior Court challenging the project: Residential Neighbors of Mount Saint Mary’s University and Bundy Canyon Association.

Voting Has Begun

Ballots were mailed to all registered voters in Los Angeles beginning May 6. If you did not receive a ballot or are unsure of your registration status, you can check here. In-person voting is on Tuesday, June 7th.


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