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Holiday Package Safety

October 10, 2018
During the holiday season, the number of delivered package thefts skyrocket. Thieves literally follow the UPS and Fed Ex trucks throughout the neighborhood and scoop up the delivered packages right off front porches. It’s a very, VERY, common crime, especially this time of year, and it’s time to consider changing your online shopping practices to prevent becoming a victim.

Mail Theft Prevention

October 09, 2018
The United States Postal Inspection Service was formed in 1774 and is the oldest law enforcement agency in the country. The inspectors are special agents, similar to FBI. Mail theft is a Federal crime and cases go to the US attorney’s office. Here are some precautions to help keep your mail safe ...

Message From LAPD

September 27, 2018
Notes about neighborhood watch from LAPD Senior Lead Officer Maria Gray...What’s your version of ‘watching’ your neighborhood? People sometimes ask me what does Neighborhood Watch really mean? What does the program involve? When I first achieved the rank of Senior Lead Officer 16 years ago