Brentwood Homeowners Association is a volunteer organization made up entirely of single-family property owners (which includes condominiums) in an area roughly defined as west of the 405, north of San Vicente and east of Canyon View Drive.  (Our coverage does not include the Brentwood Glen, just adjacent to the 405 and Crestwood Hills, a pocket of homes around Crestwood Park.)  Since 1946, the Brentwood Homeowners Association has been fighting to preserve the residential character of our neighborhoods and protect our community from excessive growth, inappropriate development, traffic gridlock and environmental threats.

Membership in Brentwood Homeowners Association (BHA) provides you with these valuable benefits:

  • A resource for up-to-date information regarding City services and regulations that govern your neighborhood.  Just call or email your question and one of our volunteers will provide you with the information you need or forward your request to the appropriate City contact to get immediate action.  

  • An opportunity to hear about proposed developments in our community and changes in our City’s ordinances before they happen.  BHA-sponsored seminars, meetings and email updates provide you with the information you need to evaluate the impact of these developments.  In addition, Brentwood Homeowners Association board members regularly attend meetings with City officials to obtain the latest information on ever changing ordinances and regulations in order to pass on to our members.  

  • A way to communicate your frustrations, concerns and ideas to City Hall. BHA board members regularly attend hearings on zoning and land use issues on behalf of our community. Your response to member surveys and your comments at monthly meetings enable us to provide important feedback to the City decision-makers.  BHA represents your interests in a united and respected front where it matters—City Hall.

Your membership matters.  By taking a moment to support Brentwood Homeowners Association, you give us the means necessary to protect our mutual interests. The more support we have, the stronger we are, and the better the job we can do.
Join us at our next meeting.  Board Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month, unless rescheduled due to a conflict.  If you wish to bring a matter before the board, or have an issue you would like to discuss with the Executive Committee, please email us at:

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please fill out this form.

BHA Territory Map
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Board of Directors

Thelma Waxman

Peter Julien

Joel Ball

Lionel Sanders

William Babbitt
Kathleen Flanagan
Marc Fishman
Tania Greenberg
Donald Keller
Raymond Klein
Emily Loughran
Marjorie Platzker
Jeffrey Steiner

Joel Ball
Kathleen Flanagan
Raymond Klein
Robert Rene