Frequently Asked Questions


Unfortunately not.  BHA represents (single-family residence) homeowners who live in the neighborhoods (roughly) west of the VA, east of Canyon View Drive and north of San Vicente.
The simplest way to find out if your are in BHA territory is to contact us via email, or you can always view our expandable map.
A lot!  BHA represents our community with respect to local development and construction, traffic concerns, utility installations, city service allocations and a host of other daily homeowner issues.
No.  That would be unreasonable and unrealistic.  BHA strives to work with developers to insure they understand the needs and desires of the community, while respecting their rights and investments.  One of BHA’s main goals is to preserve R1 zoning and compliance with the San Vicente Scenic Corridor Specific Plan.  BHA also reviews plans, environmental impact reports and other pertinent information and determines if they are consistent with the needs of our Brentwood neighborhoods.
No.  We work with surrounding communities and their respective representatives when we feel the residents and our neighborhood might be impacted.
Yes, we encourage it.  We hold meetings the second Tuesday of each month to discuss current issues.  We like the input of our members and residents, since it’s you we are representing.  Frequently, homeowners will attend meetings and voice their concerns about an issue that’s important to them.  If more involvement is desired, you can speak to a member of our Board or email us using our CONTACT link.