We’re the Brentwood Homeowners Association, a volunteer group made up entirely of single-family residential property and condo owners or occupants like you. Since 1946, we’ve been fighting to protect our community from excessive growth, inappropriate development, traffic gridlock and environmental threats.

Together, we provide a unified and respected front at City Hall, to major institutions and to other private and non-profit interests that impact our quality of life and community. We on the Board remain committed, as we have for over 50 years, to protecting the interests of Brentwood by representing the interest of the homeowners in Brentwood. We’re far stronger than any number of homeowners acting individually.

We are making progress on the issues that really matter to our community. We need your continued commitment, financial support and, for those willing, your time. If you are interested in participating, please send  us an email at info@brentwoodhomeowners.org.

Although our unpaid volunteer homeowners donate thousands of hours each year, we still have expenses. Besides the cost of running an office and publishing materials for our members, we sometimes use your dues to hire professional consultants in such areas as land use, architecture or engineering.

By taking a moment to support Brentwood Homeowners Association, you give us the means necessary to protect our mutual interests. The more support we have, the stronger we are, and the better the job we can do.

Below is a BHA territory map.  We cover an area roughly defined as west of the 405, north of San Vicente and east of Canyon View Drive.  Our coverage does not include the Brentwood Glen, just adjacent to the 405 and Crestwood Hills, a pocket of homes around Crestwood Park.

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Board of Directors

Joel Ball

Peter Julien

Thelma Waxman

Lionel Sanders

Kathleen Flanagan
Marc Fishman
Tania Greenberg
Donald Keller
Raymond Klein
Marjorie Platzker
Jeffrey Steiner

Kathleen Flanagan
Raymond Klein
Robert Rene

If you wish to contact a board member, please email us and we will forward your note to the appropriate board member for response.