Reference Guide


MyLA 311

Register at to request help with services such as:

  • Bulky Items
  • Containers
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Illegal Dumping Pickup
  • Metal/Household Appliances
  • Electronic Waste
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Pothole – Small Asphalt Repair
  • Building and Safety Inspection Scheduling
  • Building Inspection
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Property Violation Complaints
  • Blocked Driveways


LA Department of Building and Safety

Click on “Online Services” for help with property code violations and information.



Search for Lot and Parcel Information


Bureau of Street Lighting

Report a burned out street lamp


Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Report broken traffic lights or parking meters.


Live Traffic

Get up to the minute traffic conditions to help with your drive



Non emergency 1-877-ASK-LAPD

Stay informed with email updates from the LAPD.  Sign up at


Los Angeles Fire Department

They have a Twitter feed which gives up to the minute reports on current activities.