Mail Theft

October 9, 2018

– Lee Versoza, US Postal Inspection Service Inspector (Mail Theft Prevention-Dangerous Mail Investigations)  / Janet Turner, District Representative for US Congressman Ted Lieu, 33rd District
USPIS was formed in 1774 and is the oldest law enforcement agency in the country. The inspectors are special agents, similar to FBI.  Mail theft is a Federal crime and cases go to the US attorney’s office.
Precautions to take:
  • Don’t leave mail out where it is visible.
  • Make arrangements for a neighbor to receive parcels if you won’t be home, or arrange to have parcels shipped to your workplace.
  • Only deposit outgoing mail in the Blue Collection Boxes that have the updated design (slot, instead of “pull down” door.
  • If you see a Blue Collection Box that has not been updated, let USPIS know and they will have it replaced.
  • If there is mail theft using access with a postal key (apartment or condo buildings), let USPIS and they will have the locks changed.
  • If you see mail theft in progress, call 911 right away.  Police will respond and they will also contact USPIS.   
  • If you have video of mail theft, report it to LAPD and they will also contact USPIS.  
Contact Information to make a report or ask questions:  24 Hour Assistance at 877-876-2455
  • Angela M. Ferris, Postal Inspector-Team Leader
  • Office – 213-830-2511