Mario Piatelli

(1918-2016) * Bio Link * BHA Newsletter 1983

It is with great sadness we report the passing of former BHA board member and past president, Mario Piatelli. A resident of Brentwood for nearly 60 years, Mario served our community faithfully and diligently, fighting for our quality of life on issues large and small.

Mario worked on dozens of issues regarding safety, beautification and development. He fought tenaciously for the homeowners of Brentwood Circle when the Getty was approved for construction above them, helping secure many rules and restrictions included in their covenant.

During World War II, Mario worked for the Navy at Pearl Harbor as a machinist, building parts for ships. After the war, the Navy asked him and other to help sell off military surplus, leading him to form a sales and auction business. By 1949, Mario had opened a large salvage operation on Adak Island in the Aleutians, salvaging and shipping thousands of tons of heavy equipment and scrap steel to buyers around the world.

In 1955, Mario moved to Southern California and began selling heavy equipment to industrial auctions in Los Angeles. Mario was recognized for his contributions to the industry in 1971 when he was elected President of the Southern California Auctioneers Association.