Variance Policy

The mission of the Brentwood Homeowners Association, for over 70 years, has been to protect homeowners. A homeowner's rights and quality of life are often impacted by the granting of a variance to another homeowner, institution or commercial entity. With this in mind, and after careful examination of historical issues and impacts, the BHA board on Tuesday, July 11, 2017, passed the following resolution:


WHEREAS the Brentwood Homeowners Association (“BHA”) represents approximately 3,200 single-family homeowners in the territory north of San Vicente Boulevard, west of the 405, and east of Cliffwood Avenue with the mission to preserve the quality of life and value of property in that area;

WHEREAS the BHA asks that the City of Los Angeles and its agencies, landowners, and developers, take the following Resolutions into consideration when considering changes to any current land use;

RESOLVED that the BHA supports strict adherence to all planning and zoning codes and regulations, building codes, restrictions, rules, ordinances, and State and Federal laws in the belief that they have been adopted for the good of the community as a whole. Variances should be granted only if an applicant demonstrates that 1) the grant of the requested variance is consistent with the General Plan and will not be contrary to the public interest, 2) “exceptional circumstances” exist within the meaning of judicial opinions reviewing the grant of a variance, or 3) the applicant will suffer undue hardship if a variance is denied, which, in the judgment of the BHA, decidedly outweighs the benefit to the community of strict compliance.

FURTHER RESOLVED that the BHA opposes variances unless some physical condition arises, through no fault of the landowner, which interferes with the landowner’s use and enjoyment of the property in the same manner as similarly situated landowners, or the benefit to the community clearly outweighs the detriment. For example, the financial benefit to the landowner, or an increase in density for the property, are not reasons for the support of a variance.